Corporate Philosophy


“In the beginning was the desire to help and to heal!”


Over 25 years ago, the physiotherapist and founder of the company La mer, Paul Gojny, while walking in the mudflats of the Wadden Sea National Park in Lower Saxony, observed the valuable therapeutic effect that sea silt has on skin. Inspired by the obvious benefits, he dreamed of alleviating skin complaints and disorders with the aid of specially formulated skincare products that contained Sea Silt Extract. Since then, LAMARIN skincare has been synonymous with beauty and care from the sea.


To this day, we follow this philosophy; everything we do at La mer focuses on the people who use our products.


We are...


...the marine cosmetics specialist who harnesses the benefits of our unique Sea Silt Extract in a comprehensive range of skincare products and therapeutic products. Our name is synonymous with tradition, quality and competence.


...a family-run company with all the advantages of a medium-sized operation: personal customer care and dependability.



Our aims are… continue to provide our customers with a broad range of high-quality medical skincare products. excel by constantly improving our product and service Quality. protect and respect the environment in all we do. use our unrivalled expertise in the benefits and effectiveness of our marine skincare products to deliver customised treatment plans. continue to market our “Made in Germany” range of marine skincare products successfully worldwide.