LAMARIN: Guarantee of Quality


To deliver optimum skincare for all skin types and lastingly alleviate specific skin conditions, the company La mer has established unsurpassed standards in product quality. All our products are developed under the most stringent conditions in our in-house laboratory. Close cooperation with medical professionals, including Prof. Dr. med. Harald P. M. Gollnick, Faculty of Dermatology at the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, ensures that the very latest research flows into our product development activities.


All LAMARIN skincare ranges are formulated with naturally active, high quality ingredients from the sea, such as algae extracts and sea salt. The main ingredient in all our products is oxygen and mineral-rich Sea Silt Extract which is extracted from sea silt using a unique, patented extraction process. The benefits and effectiveness of this unique substance are dermatologically proven.


All LAMARIN skincare products made by the Cuxhaven-based company La mer are “Made in Germany” and are produced in compliance with the GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice).