Sea Silt – the secret of active marine ingredients


The sea is a valuable source of healing and well-being, and particularly our North Sea. The Wattenmeer along the coast of the North Sea is a pristine, natural gem and as a Biosphere Reserve is protected by UNESCO. The iodine content of the air is ten times higher than further inland. At low tide, an area of around 3,500 m2 is exposed. The action of the tides compacts the ground, enriching the typical bluish-grey North Sea silt with a high concentration of many beneficial substances



Sea silt is one of the purest natural products. It is especially rich in oxygen, purifying clay, trace elements, sulphur, salts, minerals and organic components. La mer’s Sea Silt Extract is obtained in the company’s own laboratories using a unique extraction process, yielding an extract that produces visible skin care results for all skin types after a very short period of use.



Sea Silt Extract


  • provides intensive hydration
  • keeps skin hydrated all day long
  • activates the skin’s own protective functions
  • improves the skin’s elasticity
  • nourishes the skin with essential minerals and trace elements
  • reduces transepidermal moisture loss


The valuable substances in Sea Silt Extract deliver great results after only a short treatment period and for all skin types and conditions. LAMARIN skincare products lastingly alleviate skin problems and conditions.