La mer Cosemtics AG


La mer Cosmetics AG is a medium-sized company based on the North Sea coast of Germany which is committed to developing and producing exclusive, very well tolerated skincare products. La mer products are available in the La mer own online shop, in pharmacies, cosmetic salons and spas throughout Germany and other western European countries. Outside Europe La mer products are sold under the brand name LAMARIN. All La mer and LAMARIN products contain the exclusive La mer Sea Silt Extract and, depending on the specific skin type other active marine compounds.


Sea silt is not only one of the purest natural products on earth, but - as an active ingredient in cosmetics - a true miracle cure for the care of different skin needs. La mer Cosmetics AG uses precious ingredients of sea silt in 5 different care series - oxygen, healing earth, trace elements, sulphur, valuable minerals, amino acids as well as sea salt containing calcium and magnesium. La mer is the only company allowed to extract sea silt from the Wadden Sea of Lower Saxony. The Sea Silt Extract obtained in the company's own laboratory forms the basis of the unique La mer and LAMARIN skin care products, which are manufactured at the company headquarters in Cuxhaven according to the company motto "The origin of beauty" with the highest standards of quality and tolerance.


However, patience is required until the care products reach the crucible, as many production steps are still carried out by hand in the Cuxhaven laboratory. However, the detailed production of the unique Sea Silt Extract and the La mer care products remains a well-kept secret of the marine cosmetics specialist. The LAMARIN care portfolio currently comprises 5 different series - tailored to the respective skin needs. In addition to moisturising and anti-aging skincare, the Med range offers special care for sensitive, sensitive skin with a tendency to impurities. Free of silicones, parabens and PEGs, the high-quality La mer products are all "Made in Germany".


We at La mer Cosmetics have been against animal testing since our foundation in 1981. In accordance with the legislation of the European Union, La mer does not carry out animal experiments and does not commission any test series on animals.