Advanced Skin Refining


Does your skin look tired and pale? Do you want freshness, radiance and finer pores? Then Advanced Skin Refining is the perfect care for you.


This vitalising moisturising care with New Skin Effect visibly refines your pores, leaves your complexion radiant and gives you a more even skin relief. Advanced Skin Refining contains the active ingredient complex Quadromar from valuable sea silt extract, an active ingredient from marine phytoplankton, extracts from unicellular green algae and smoothing peptides. Phytoplankton, including green algae, lives primarily in the oceans, sometimes under extreme environmental conditions. Phytoplankton plays a major role in regulating our climate, as it produces large quantities of oxygen: 70% of the oxygen content of our earth is produced by marine phytoplankton. But it can do much more.


In the active ingredient complex Quadromar, phytoplankton extracts refine the pores, stimulate cell metabolism and stimulate the formation of the skin's own hyaluronic acid. With each application Quadromar perfects the appearance of the skin and makes it appear more even. Regular care with Advanced Skin Refining provides the skin with lasting moisture, smoothes and refines it noticeably and makes it radiant. Experience the New Skin Effect with Advanced Skin Refining.


Perfect the radiance of your skin


The active ingredient complex Quadromar made from valuable sea silt extract, an active ingredient from marine phytoplankton, extracts from a single-cell green alga and smoothing peptides supplies the skin with moisture, refines it, stimulates cell metabolism and the formation of skin's own hyaluronic acid - for a visible New Skin Effect.


The unique skin care series with sea silt extract and deep active ingredients from the sea. The Advanced Skin Refining Moisturizing Care is dermatologically tested.


Without preservatives, silicones, paraffin, parabens or PEGs. 



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