Sometimes our skin needs special attention:


when the eyes are tired after a working day or the night may have been too long. With the special La mer active ingredient combinations in the Flexible Specials, you can help your face regain its rosy freshness. Your skin will thank you for it.


The right mask for every skin type


Care masks are an integral part of the beauty routine: almost twelve million women used one of these beauty boosters at least once a month last year. No wonder, because these versatile care products are ideal for targeted use. Whether for dry, oily, mature or stressed skin, masks allow active ingredients to be applied precisely to areas in need of care. In the multi-masking trend, different masks are combined and applied to different skin zones: dry cheeks become rosy again, wrinkles are smoothed out and the T-zone is gently matted.


How to go one step further: Two perfume-free cream masks of the Flexible Specials series, which, in addition to the unique sea silt extract, contain other valuable ingredients, are not only ideally suited to the needs of dehydrated, large-pored or tired skin, but can also be mixed with each other for the double effect. Thus, the mask care can be perfectly tailored to the current individual skin needs. The active ingredient complex Sea Minerals™ with sea silt extract, sea salt and selected algae extracts activates the natural skin functions in all of them. It supplies the skin with moisture, valuable minerals and trace elements.


Fresh face masks for intensive or gentle cleansing


In addition to daily care, a mask always provides an extra kick - not only with valuable ingredients, but also because the associated care ritual turns a quarter of an hour into a relaxing mini spa. To ensure that every skin gets its money's worth, LAMARIN has two masks in its Flexible Specials product range. The Flexible Specials masks are always a boon for the skin, solo or mixed. What's special about this duo is that they can be applied specifically to individual skin areas or combined with each other - according to your current skin needs.


To obtain an extra portion of moisture and a detox effect, you can, for example, mix two teaspoons of the Sea Silt Cream Mask with half a teaspoon of the Moisturizing Cream Mask. 


All  Flexible Specials masks are dermatologically tested and completely free of silicones, parabens, PEGs, paraffin, perfume and dyes.


As clean as necessary, as soft as possible


The special Enzyme Peeling with the active complex Sea Minerals with sea

silt powder and additional enzymes purifies and protects the skin and

pores. Dead, rough skin is gently removed without rubbing. Also suitable

for sensitive skin.


The Enzympeeling is for every skin type and dermatologically tested. The product is free of parabens, PEGs and paraffins.


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