Ultra Hydro Booster

Maximum moisture booster with instant effect for all ages


From the twenties it is important to preserve the youthfulness of the skin and to protect it from external damage. Ultra Hydro Booster is an intensive moisturising skincare range that immediately cushions the skin from the inside out and smoothes wrinkles. Especially for dry and dehydrated skin, this skincare range contains the active ingredient complex Osmofill with valuable sea silt extract, extracts from the algae Codium Tomentosum and the snow algae. For the skin cells Osmofill is a moisture booster with immediate effect and long-term effect. The skin's protective barrier is noticeably strengthened and protected against harmful influences. Tip: The duo of the Ultra Hydro Booster series, consisting of the LAMARIN Multi Effect Cream day and night, for a fresh and radiant appearance around the clock.


Upholster your skin with deep moisture on


Osmofill acts on your skin cells like a moisture booster with a long-term effect. It strengthens the skin's protective barrier and protects against harmful influences that dry out the skin. Your moisture depots are replenished in a long-lasting and noticeable way. Applied regularly, your skin looks fresh, radiant and full after care with LAMARIN Ultra Hydro Booster.


Algae for the moisture kick from the sea


The green algae Codium Tomentosum grows in the tidal zone of the Wadden Sea in changing sunshine, strong winds, low tide and high tide. It survives its "dry spells" thanks to osmotically active substances with which it stores large amounts of moisture. LAMARIN uses these minerals, trace elements and amino acids in Osmofill.

Snow algae grow in areas with year-round snow cover. In the nutrient-poor environment, they survive thanks to their own antifreeze mechanisms and anti-stress substances. In the active ingredient complex Osmofill their extract prolongs the longevity factors of the skin, strengthens it and reduces the visibility of age spots.


The Ultra Hydro Moisture Booster for is dermatologically tested. 

All products are free of parabens, PEGs and paraffins.


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