Dry Skin in Need of Lipids


As we grow older, our skin changes. Just like our other organs, our skin is subjected to the natural ageing process. When this starts to become noticeable is largely dependent on our genes and a range of internal and external factors. Alongside biological skin ageing, which starts at around 20, exogenous factors, such as cold, heat, stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, the wrong diet, nicotine and alcohol can accelerate this process. For instance, exposure to UV radiation causes free radicals to form, which then attack the elastic and collagen fibres in our connective tissue. The result: the skin loses its elasticity and the first lines and wrinkles become visible. If your skin is sensitive to exogenous factors, it is usually a sign that it is dehydrated. It feels unpleasantly taut, rough; it is sensitive, irritated and red, particularly the skin of the face. In contrast to dry skin, which lacks natural lipids, dehydrated skin suffers from insufficient water in the epidermis. Natural hydration factors are responsible for binding water in the skin when the cells renew. A deficiency will cause the skin to lose moisture, which compromises the skin’s vital barrier function.


Our Recommendation:



Cleansing Milk

Facial Toner

Day Cream

Sea Salt Cream

Lipid Cream


Surpreme Natural Lift

Night Cream

Eye Cream


Ultra Hydro Booster

Multi Effect Balm