Eczema / Psoriasis


Dry skin lacks fat and moisture. The protective layer can be regenerated and the fat and moisture content optimized with the appropriate daily skin care.


Harmful environmental influences, physical or psychological stress can be read more and more from the skin. Dry, sensitive skin is becoming more and more common. In Germany, about three million people suffer from neurodermatitis, a clinical picture in which the function of the skin's protective barrier is permanently disturbed. The consequences are strong, unpleasant itching, redness, weeping, scaly skin and crust formation, especially on hands, joint bends, face, neck and neck area, but also on the whole body.


Therapeutic care for neurodermatitis


In neurodermatitis, the skin tends to be dry and low in fat, with severe itching and inflammatory skin changes occurring in relapses. The course and characteristics are influenced by various external stimuli such as pollen, house dust, chemicals, food, climate or stress. The basis of successful treatment is daily skin cleansing and care with products containing fat or moisture. This prevents the skin from drying out and maintains its protective barrier function. Our La mer Med lipid cream is a particularly oily cream. It can be applied several times a day to the corresponding areas of the skin as required. Special creams are required for acute inflammatory episodes of neurodermatitis in order to relieve the agonizing symptoms as quickly as possible. Our S.O.S. Repair Cream alleviates the inflammatory processes and stimulates the skin to heal wounds.


Therapy accompanying care for psoriasis


Psoriasis is also a disease of the skin, the causes of which are manifold and have not yet been conclusively clarified. Typical for psoriasis are the raised, sharply defined reddish skin areas with silvery, shiny scales, often at the knees, elbows and hairline. In various studies there are indications that psoriasis is hereditary in most cases, as the disease occurs more frequently in families. Infections often play a role in the development of the symptoms of psoriasis. Bacteria, especially streptococci, are common pathogens and may be associated with guttate psoriasis. Psychological stress can aggravate the disease and sometimes even trigger it. In addition to the specific medicinal therapy, skin care is of great importance. It is used to make the horny layer smoother and to reduce superficial dandruff and thus restore the skin barrier. Our Med Moisturizing Lotion with Sea Silt Extract, Algae Extract from Enteromorpha Compressa and Sea Salt provides intensive care and has a lasting hydrating effect. The sensitive, dehydrated skin becomes soft and smooth again. Tip: Our Med products are also available in a practical introductory set for trying them out.


Neurodermatitis and psoriasis should be assessed and treated by a specialist.


The mild, refattening and skin-soothing LAMARIN Med products, the Med Sea Salt Cream, Med Lipid Cream and Med Moisturising Lotion are recommended as therapy-accompanying care products. Like all Med products, they are dermatologically tested, free of parabens, perfume and artificial colourings and free of paraffin, silicones and PEGs