More and more people today suffer from sensitive, dry skin, and the signs of harmful environmental factors, physical or mental strain are becoming increasingly visible on people’s skins. In extreme cases very dry skin can become diseased skin. In Germany around three million people suffer from eczema. The number of chronic, hereditary skin disorders is rising rapidly. Eczema occurs if the skin’s natural barrier is insufficiently thick to provide effective protection. Typical symptoms include severe, unpleasant itchiness, redness, seeping, scaly skin and the formation of crusty layers. Eczema occurs most frequently around the neck, shoulders, face and the elbows, but it can spread across the entire body. The skin is usually dry and lacking in natural oils, and the severe itchiness and inflamed skin tend to flare up at intervals. The occurrence and severity of the symptoms are usually influenced by a variety of external factors, such as pollen, dust, chemicals, certain types of food, climate conditions, stress, etc. LAMARIN MED products can be used in conjunction with medical treatment for eczema. For cleansing, skin care and body care, we recommend using the mild, emollient and soothing MED product range. MED Sea Salt Cream, MED Lipid Cream and MED Salt Lotion are especially suitable for soothing and calming eczema.


Like all MED products, they are:


dermatologically tested

contain no preservatives

contain no fragrance or artifical colourings

paraffin, silicone and PEG (polyethylene glycol) free



Our Recommendation:



Day, Night and Eye Cream

Lipid and Sea Salt Cream

Salt Lotion

Soothing Mask, Cleansing Milk and Facial Toner