Mature skin / Anti Aging


The structure and appearance of our skin changes the older we get. It becomes more demanding and sensitive. Once we turn 30, the cellular renewal cycle slows down noticeably; the epidermis takes longer to renew and regenerate. Our skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. The first fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth become visible. Additionally, our skin becomes drier because the sebaceous glands produce less sebum. At the same time, the skin’s ability to bind moisture in the epidermis decreases. The skin feels tauter and fine lines start appearing. As our ability to produce elastic and collage fibres also decreases, our skin looks and feels less firm and fresh than in younger years. To strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, to revitalise, nourish and make skin firmer, you need skincare products that deliver intensive, long-lasting moisture and natural lipids.


Our Recommendation:


Supreme Natural Lift 

Day, Night and Eye Cream



Cleansing Milk

Facial Toner


Ultra Hydro Booster

Multi Effect Day Cream

Multi Effect Cream Night

Multi Effect Balm