Volume and contour loss


New freshness and elasticity for tired and flaccid skin with our Ultra Hydro Booster series.


A youthful-looking face, which corresponds to our ideal of beauty, has smooth skin with high cheekbones and full cheeks with a narrow, clearly defined chin line. The widest part of the face seems to be at the level of the cheekbones. This changes over the years. UV light, exhaust fumes and dry indoor air, heat and cold, long nights, stress and unhealthy living habits: Our skin goes through a lot and is exposed to a lot of stress every day. No wonder if it leaves traces and eventually looks tired, pale and grey. More and more wrinkles, sunken cheeks, bags under the eyes and loss of contours reveal that the skin is burnt out. In addition to lines and wrinkles, the natural aging process also becomes visible when the skin cells lose volume. The skin slackens, the chin line becomes unclear, the contours of the face cannot be seen as clearly as before. The area around the eyes falls in, even the earlobes become flaccid. Optically, the broader part begins to lie in the lower visual field. Then the corners of the mouth hang down and the cheeks appear collapsed, some faces appear tired or depressed.


Revitalize tired skin and avoid loss of contour


If your skin tends to lose volume and contours, it needs moisture and above all active ingredients that help it to bind them longer in the skin cells. With a few targeted measures you can give your tired skin an effective freshness boost! They provide new vitality and radiance and even conjure away some years of life. The La mer Ultra Hydro Booster series with the active ingredient complex Osmofill addresses exactly this skin need. Ultra Hydro Booster is an intensive moisturiser with anti-ageing effect that immediately cushions and smoothes the skin from the inside. With the multiactive active ingredient complex Osmofill made from valuable sea silt extract, extracts from Codium Tomentosum and snow algae, the moisture depots are filled up sustainably and the longevity factors of the skin are prolonged. Thus the skin becomes youthfully fresh again.

Support your youthful radiance with a positive lifestyle: Exercise regularly in the fresh air to stimulate circulation. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables every day and drink approx. 2 litres of water per day. Sleep well and regularly and support your skin during the night's regeneration with a night cream.


All care products against loss of volume and contour are dermatologically tested and free of parabens, PEGs and paraffins.