Med Range



Sensitive skin wants sea


There are more and more people with easily irritated skin.


More than half of all Germans classify themselves as "sensitive" in terms of skin type. But: sensitive skin is not the same as sensitive skin. There are very different forms and degrees of expression. Some sensitive skin types are more prone to skin impurities, for example, while others are additionally affected by redness. From Basic to Anti-Dry: LAMARIN Med has developed five skincare ranges to meet the special needs and skin problems of sensitive skin. LAMARIN Basic Care offers everything for the "basic care" of sensitive skin. There are also the Med+ special care series with special active ingredients for specific problems. 


Mixing is permitted: the products from all series can be combined with each other and put together individually. Depending on the needs of the skin. 


It is "to get out of the skin": The slightest stimulus is enough and the skin reacts. It itches, tightens, reddens and flakes. An oversensitive, irritated skin naturally also stresses the soul. Anyone who wants to bring their skin back into balance should choose a gentle care product with highly compatible active ingredients and also give it a lot of attention.


All good things come in threes: the unique Marine Care Complex is the main active ingredient of LAMARIN Med, consisting of a Sea Silt Extract + algae extract from Enteromorpha compressa + sea salt. This special combination of active ingredients has a caring and at the same time calming effect on sensitive skin. 


Sea silt is one of the purest natural products. It helps the skin to build up moisture depots, strengthens the skin's protective barrier and can reduce itching, sensitivity and feelings of tension. At the same time it supplies the skin with many valuable minerals and trace elements and has an invigorating effect.


The green alga Enteromorpha compressa has a calming effect and can reduce itching, sensitivity and feelings of tension. 


Sea salt stimulates the cell metabolism of the skin, disinfects, regulates the moisture content and helps with water retention.


The LAMARIN quality promise: All products in the LAMARIN Med series for sensitive skin have been dermatologically tested without animal testing and contain no silicones, parabens, PEGs, paraffins or perfume.