MED Range

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The basic care for sensitive, moisture-depleted skin.


Sensitive and dry skin often lacks sufficient moisture and lipids retention. As a result, the skin feels tight, loses its suppleness, and its protective barrier function weakens. Our LAMARIN MED line, enriched with moisturizing and soothing Marine Care Complex, is the perfect foundational care for this skin type. Depending on the skin's condition, it can be complemented with suitable specialized treatments from the LAMARIN MED+ range.



+ mixing is permitted (products from all series can be combined with each other)

+ highly compatible active ingredients

+ contains Sea Silt Extract (builds up moisture depots, strengthens the skin's protective barrier, and reduces itching, sensitivity, and tension)

+ contains algae extract (calming effect)

+ contains sea salt (stimulates the cell metabolism of the skin, disinfects, regulates the moisture content and helps with water retention)


Sensitive Skin wants Sea


There is an increasing number of people with easily irritated skin.


More than half of all individuals classify themselves as "sensitive" in terms of skin type. However, sensitive skin is not the same across the board. There are various forms and degrees of sensitivity. Some sensitive skin types are more prone to skin impurities, for example, while others are additionally affected by redness. From Basic to Anti-Dry: LAMARIN MED has developed five skincare ranges to address the distinct needs and skin problems of sensitive skin. LAMARIN Basic Care offers everything for the "basic care" of sensitive skin. Additionally, there are the MED+ special care series with unique active ingredients tailored to specific problems.


Mixing is allowed: the products from all series can be combined with each other and customized based on the skin's needs.


It's a matter of "getting under the skin": The slightest stimulus is sufficient for the skin to react. It itches, tightens, reddens, and flakes. Oversensitive and irritated skin naturally affects one's well-being. Individuals seeking to restore balance to their skin should opt for gentle skincare products with highly compatible active ingredients and provide them with ample attention.

There are more and more people with easily irritated skin.