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The skin itches, flakes, feels tight, becomes cracked, and is red - people with neurodermatitis and psoriasis are familiar with these symptoms. The protective function of the skin is reduced, and irritations can easily lead to inflammation.




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Dry skin lacks both fat and moisture. The protective barrier can be regenerated, and the lipid and moisture content can be optimized with appropriate daily skincare.


Harmful environmental influences and physical or psychological stress can increasingly manifest on the skin. Dry and sensitive skin is becoming more prevalent. In Germany, around three million people suffer from neurodermatitis, a clinical condition where the skin's protective barrier function is persistently disrupted. The consequences include intense and uncomfortable itching, redness, oozing, scaly skin, and crust formation. These symptoms are especially prominent on the hands, joint areas, face, neck, and even the whole body.


Therapeutic care for neurodermatitis involves skin that tends to be dry and lacking in natural oils. Severe itching and inflammatory skin changes occur in cycles. The course and characteristics of neurodermatitis are influenced by various external factors, such as pollen, house dust, chemicals, diet, climate, and stress. Successful treatment hinges on daily skincare involving products that provide essential fats and moisture. This prevents the skin from becoming excessively dry and helps maintain its protective barrier function. Our La mer Med lipid cream is particularly rich in oils and can be applied multiple times a day to the affected areas as needed. For acute inflammatory episodes of neurodermatitis, specialized creams are necessary to swiftly alleviate distressing symptoms. Our S.O.S. Repair Cream mitigates inflammatory processes and stimulates skin healing.


Therapy-associated skincare for psoriasis is vital.


Psoriasis, a skin disorder, has multifaceted causes that remain to be definitively elucidated. Psoriasis often presents as raised, sharply defined reddish areas with silvery, shiny scales, commonly seen on the knees, elbows, and hairline. Multiple studies suggest hereditary factors play a role in psoriasis, given its higher occurrence within families. Infections are also implicated in triggering psoriasis symptoms. Bacteria, particularly streptococci, are frequent culprits and may be connected to guttate psoriasis. Psychological stress can exacerbate or even trigger the condition. In addition to specific medical therapies, skincare is essential. It works to make the stratum corneum smoother, reducing surface flakiness and thus restoring the skin's barrier. Our Med Moisturizing Lotion, enriched with Sea Silt Extract and Algae Extract from Enteromorpha Compressa along with Sea Salt, provides intensive care and lasting hydration. This soothes sensitive, dehydrated skin, leaving it soft and smooth. A tip: Our Med products are also available in a convenient introductory set for those wanting to try them out.


For both neurodermatitis and psoriasis, professional assessment and treatment are crucial.


The mild, rehydrating, and skin-soothing LAMARIN Med products—such as Med Sea Salt Cream, Med Lipid Cream, and Med Moisturizing Lotion—are recommended as therapeutic adjuncts.