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La mer Cosmetics AG is a medium-sized company based on the North Sea coast of Germany which is committed to developing and producing exclusive, very well tolerated skincare products. La mer Cosmetics AG owns two brands La mer and LAMARIN: La mer products are available throughout Germany and other western European countries. Outside Europe the products are sold under the brand LAMARIN.


The company was founded in 1981 by the physiotherapist Paul Gojny and at the headquarters in Cuxhaven it currently employs around 60 people in research, production, quality management, packaging, administration, field sales and dispatch. La mer Cosmetics AG offers products, training courses and treatment plans for beauty professionals.


Sea silt is not only one of the purest natural products on earth, but - as an active ingredient in cosmetics - a true miracle cure for the care of different skin needs. La mer Cosmetics AG uses precious ingredients of sea silt in different care series - oxygen, healing earth, trace elements, sulphur, valuable minerals, amino acids as well as sea salt containing calcium and magnesium. La mer Cosmetics AG is the only company allowed to extract sea silt from the Wadden Sea of Lower Saxony. The Sea Silt Extract obtained in the company's own laboratory forms the basis of the unique La mer and LAMARIN skin care products, which are manufactured at the company headquarters in Cuxhaven according to the company motto "The origin of beauty" with the highest standards of quality and tolerance.


However, patience is required until the care products reach the crucible, as many production steps are still carried out by hand in the Cuxhaven laboratory. However, the detailed production of the unique Sea Silt Extract and the La mer ans LAMARIN care products remains a well-kept secret of the marine cosmetics specialist. The La mer and LAMARIN care portfolio currently comprise different series - tailored to the respective skin needs. In addition to classic cleansing, moisturising and anti-aging skincare, the Med range offers special care for sensitive, sensitive skin with a tendency to impurities.


Free of silicones, parabens and PEGs, the high-quality La mer and LAMARIN products are all "Made in Germany".We are certainly not producing any cosmetics in China. We at La mer Cosmetics have been against animal testing since our foundation in 1981. In accordance with the legislation of the European Union, La mer Cosmetics AG does not carry out animal experiments and does not commission any test series on animals.



The company is also affiliated to the following associations or associations:

  • Verband Cosmetic Professional e. V. (VCP)
  • Bundesverband Deutscher Apothekenkooperationen e. V. (BVDAK)
  • Verband der Vertriebsfirmen Kosmetischer Erzeugnisse e. V. (VKE)
  • Die Familienunternehmer e. V.
  • Bundesverband der Industrie- und Handelsunternehmen für Arzneimittel, Reformwaren, Nahrungsergänzungsmittel und kosmetische Mittel e.V.
  • Industrieverband für Körperpflege und Waschmittel (IKW)


La mer’s philosophy

In 1981, the physiotherapist Paul Gojny observed the beneficial effect that sea silt has on the skin and started using the marine components in sea silt in skincare products to alleviate a number of skin conditions and disorders. To this day, the company follows this philosophy; everything we do at La mer Cosmetics AG focuses on the people who use our products.


Already in the early 19th century, spa therapies were widespread along the Mediterranean coast. Seawater contains the same minerals and trace elements as human blood plasma, which is why the body can absorb and process them particularly well. In Germany, physiotherapist and sea lover Paul Gojny discovered the positive effect of sea silt. The tides collect the minerals and trace elements of the sea water on the seabed and compress them into sediments. Their concentration in the silt is ten times higher than in sea water and thus forms a naturally created basis for particularly well-tolerated skin care. In its own laboratory in Cuxhaven, La mer Cosmetics continues the success story of Gojny to this day, isolating and processing the sea silt extract obtained directly on the doorstep and refining it with other marine active ingredients into unique skin care products. The extraction of the sea silt from the sediments of the exclusive North Sea biotope in the Wadden Sea National Park of Lower Saxony is done by hand.



La mer Cosmetics AG is


  • a marine cosmetics specialist which harnesses the benefits of our unique Sea Silt Extract in a comprehensive range of skincare products and therapeutic products.
  • a medium-sized family-run company with tradition, quality and competence.
  • proud to earn our customers’ trust in our brand every day anew through our personal commitment, effort and exceptional dependability.
La mer's aims are


  • to continue to meet the skincare needs of our customers with a broad range of high-quality, exceptionally well tolerated products.
  • to excel by constantly improving our product and service quality.
  • to use our expertise in the benefits and effectiveness of our marine skincare products to deliver customised treatment plans.
  • to continue to market our “Made in Germany” range of marine skincare products successfully worldwide.

La mer Cosmetics AG quality


La mer and LAMARIN products are recommended particularly because they are very well tolerated. High quality is part of our commitment and vision: research and development take place under the most stringent conditions in our in-house laboratory. Close cooperation with medical professionals, including Prof. Dr. med. Harald P. M. Gollnick, Faculty of Dermatology at the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, ensures that the very latest research flows into our product development activities. All products are “Made in Germany”, are produced according to the GMP standard (Good Manufacturing Practice, Cosmetic GMP EN ISO 22716 certification) and contain high-quality naturally active, high quality ingredients from the sea, including algae extracts and sea salt.


The core ingredient in all our products is oxygen and mineral-rich Sea Silt Extract which is extracted from North Sea silt using a unique, patented extraction process. The silt is harvested in a biotope not far from the company headquarters. The benefits and effectiveness of this unique substance are dermatologically tested.


La mer and the environment

La mer Cosmetics AG is absolutely committed to protecting the environment, and especially the Wattenmeer tidal mudflats in Lower Saxony where La mer Sea Silt is harvested. In close cooperation with the Wattenmeer National Park, La mer helps to support the development and to protect the salt meadows in this region.



Cosmetics from North Germany


All La mer and  LAMARIN skincare products are developed and produced at the company headquarters in Cuxhaven. La mer Cosmetics AG has exclusive harvesting rights for sea silt, which is collected in a single biotope and processed at our premises.

  • All products are developed in our in-house laboratory
  • Collaboration with medical doctors and scientists
  • Production in our own factory in accordance with GMP EN ISO 22716
  • Top “Made in Germany” quality


All La mer and LAMARIN products are developed in the company's own laboratory in Cuxhaven. La mer's Sea Silt Extract is obtained using a specially developed, unique extraction process. The company works closely with scientific institutions and research centres. Rigorous tests ensure compliance with the highest quality standards and ensure that the products are exceptionally well tolerated.






All La mer and LAMARIN products are “Made in Germany”; they are formulated at the company headquarters in Cuxhaven, and are packaged and hand-finished in our own production facilities here. La mer products are manufactured in compliance with the GMP standard (Good Manufacturing Practice) DIN EN ISO 22716. All La mer departments collaborate closely, effectively and flexibly to secure the high quality of LAMARIN products along the entire production chain.





Michael Bommers [Chief Executive Officer]


Stefan Langhals [Head of Production & Finance]


Alexander Weber [Sales Director]





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