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Effective help against skin redness


Down and on blush is charming. But if you suffer from couperose or rosacea, you may find it disturbing. Because with the often reddened cheeks and Nose areas are also accompanied by feelings of tension and itching. The Med+ Anti-Red products with the special Marine Care Complex - consisting of the unique Sea Silt Extract, a soothing green algae extract and mineral-rich sea salt - offer accompanying care for skin prone to couperose and rosacea thanks to the power of the sea. Skin irritations are soothed and redness is concealed.


What is couperosis and rosacea?


But what exactly are couperose and rosacea? Patricia Brandenburg, Head of Training and Promotion at La mer Cosmetics AG, explains the most important facts and explains which treatments are really useful. "Both skin types show visible redness and dilated veins, so-called telangiectasias. These occur particularly in the area of the nose and cheeks and can develop into red areas over time. Couperose is in many cases hereditary and the consequence of a weakness of the connective tissue and thus a cosmetic problem. However, it also occurs as a concomitant of high blood pressure and as the first symptom in the early stages of so-called rosacea, an inflammatory skin disease. In the advanced stage of rosacea, inflammation of the vessels and sebaceous glands can lead to the formation of pustules, pus blisters with itching and unsightly changes in the skin structure," explains Brandenburg. The triggers and promoters of both skin types are manifold. "Common causes include UV radiation, cold and heat, alcohol, nicotine, pungent spices, stress and unsuitable skin care products," says Brandenburg.


The be-all and end-all for couperose and rosacea: gentle skin care


Couperose and rosacea cannot be cured, but the skin can be soothed with the right care, redness can be reduced and the progression of the disease can be slowed down. "Skin that tends to redness is usually very thin and sensitive. It therefore needs an extra portion of care, which should be particularly mild. Oily formulations with mineral oils like Paraffin or silicone should be avoided as they form an insulation and thus accumulate heat. This increases the blood supply to the skin and makes it redden even more," explains Brandenburg. Best suited are Combination products that soothe the skin, provide UV protection and at the same time with green pigments conceal redness. MED+ Anti-Red RR Cream contains micro-encapsulated pigments which balance out redness and adapt to the skin tone. In addition, the unique sea silt extract moisturizes the skin. With SPF 30, the cream protects against daily UV rays and prevents UV-induced redness - for a naturally beautiful complexion.


Sea power against Couperose


"A skin that suffers from couperose needs special care. Care formulations with essential oils, alcohol and fat are counterproductive, as well as so-called scratch peelings, as they intensively promote the blood circulation and thus the course of both skin types", says Brandenburg. MED+ Anti-Red Couperose cream contains extracts of the algae Enteromorpha compressa, Corallina officinalis and Chlorella vulgaris, which reduce redness and help prevent new redness. Green colour pigments visually neutralise skin redness immediately after application and give an even complexion. The extract of micro-organisms from the deep sea contained in MED+ Anti-Red Couperose Concentrate soothes locally irritated skin areas prone to redness, reduces irritation and protects the skin - intensive care for healthy looking skin.


All care products against redness, couperose or rosacea are dermatologically tested and free of parabens, PEGs and paraffins.



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