MED+ Anti-Red

Our MED+ Anti-Red Series assists your facial skin in combating redness and heat. It can also be used as an adjunctive therapy for couperose and rosacea.

Couperose Cream

reduces redness & calming


Redness Reduction Cream SPF30

conceals redness & calming


Couperose Concentrate

alleviates irritations & redness


Effective Help Against Skin Redness


Blushing can be charming. However, for those who suffer from couperose or rosacea, it can be distressing. The often reddened cheeks and nose areas are accompanied by feelings of tension and itching. The MED+ Anti-Red products, with the special Marine Care Complex consisting of unique Sea Silt Extract, soothing green algae extract, and mineral-rich sea salt, offer supportive care for skin prone to couperose and rosacea, harnessing the power of the sea. Skin irritations are soothed, and redness is concealed.


What Is Couperosis and Rosacea?


But what exactly are couperose and rosacea? Janine Kipfmüller, Head of Training and Promotion at La mer Cosmetics AG, explains the most important facts and discusses effective treatments. "Both skin types exhibit visible redness and dilated veins, known as telangiectasias. These often appear in the nose and cheek areas and can evolve into red patches over time. Couperose is often hereditary and stems from connective tissue weakness, posing a cosmetic concern. It can also manifest as a consequence of high blood pressure or as an initial symptom of early-stage rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition. In advanced rosacea stages, vessel and sebaceous gland inflammation can lead to pustule formation—pus-filled blisters accompanied by itching and unsightly changes in skin texture," explains Kipfmüller. The triggers and exacerbating factors for both skin types are diverse. "Common causes include UV radiation, cold and heat, alcohol, nicotine, spicy foods, stress, and unsuitable skincare products," says Kipfmüller.


The Key for Couperose and Rosacea: Gentle Skincare


While couperose and rosacea cannot be cured, proper skincare can soothe the skin, reduce redness, and slow down disease progression. "Skin prone to redness is typically very thin and sensitive, requiring an extra dose of care, which should be especially gentle. Avoid oily formulations containing mineral oils like paraffin or silicone, as they act as insulation and trap heat. This increases blood flow, intensifying redness," explains Kipfmüller. The best options are combination products that soothe the skin, offer UV protection, and simultaneously conceal redness with green pigments. The MED+ Anti-Red RR Cream contains micro-encapsulated pigments that balance out redness and adapt to the skin tone. Moreover, the unique Sea Silt Extract moisturizes the skin. With SPF 30, the cream shields against daily UV rays and prevents UV-induced redness, promoting a naturally beautiful complexion.


Harnessing Sea Power Against Couperose


"A couperose-prone complexion requires special care. Formulations with essential oils, alcohol, and fats are counterproductive, as are aggressive exfoliants that stimulate blood circulation, exacerbating both skin types," says Kipfmüller. The MED+ Anti-Red Couperose Cream incorporates extracts of the algae Enteromorpha compressa, Corallina officinalis, and Chlorella vulgaris, which alleviate redness and help prevent new occurrences. Green pigment pigments visually neutralize skin redness upon application, yielding an even complexion. The deep-sea microorganism extract present in MED+ Anti-Red Couperose Concentrate calms locally irritated, redness-prone skin areas, reduces irritation, and provides protection—intensive care for a healthy-looking complexion.