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Whether it's couperose or rosacea - both cause visible and noticeable changes to the skin. The symptoms range from skin redness and visible blood vessels to pustules or nodular papules.

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A skin experiencing redness, couperose, or even rosacea requires special care to soothe and strengthen it, minimizing irritations.

Redness on the face indicates the dilation of small blood vessels under the skin. This occurs during temperature changes, such as extreme cold or warmth. Intense emotions can also trigger sudden blushing. Typically, these occurrences are harmless. The small veins quickly constrict, restoring the natural skin color. Difficulties arise when redness persists slowly or not at all. Prolonged redness can evolve into couperosis.


Therapy-associated care for couperosis


Couperose is considered an early form of rosacea, characterized by unpleasant sensations like stinging or burning. Traits of skin prone to couperose include redness, dryness, and sensitivity. The redness results from dilated blood vessels: the skin loses elasticity and remains dilated as blood flows through it, unlike normal skin that contracts afterward. The causes of couperosis remain partially understood. However, it's certain that it involves weakness in connective tissue and blood vessels, leading to blood congestion in capillaries of facial skin, most visibly as redness on cheeks and around the nose. Individuals with sensitive, thin, and often dry skin are especially susceptible to couperose.


Therapeutic care for rosacea


Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory condition affecting up to 10% of adults. Linked to hypersensitive skin, affected individuals often experience sensations like stinging or burning—responses tied to hypersensitivity. If red, inflamed pustules appear on the skin, it could be rosacea. It presents as uneven, sometimes scaly skin reddening or pustules on the cheeks. In severe cases, skin changes or eye inflammation might develop. Consequently, any persistent redness or inflammation must be addressed by a dermatologist.


La mer recommends LAMARIN Med Couperose Cream as the ideal skincare for couperose and rosacea, with Med Couperose Concentrate as supplementary intensive treatment. Both products strengthen vascular walls and reduce dilation of blood vessels. The skin becomes more resilient against external stimuli, offering improved comfort and relaxation.


As a general guideline, avoid using harsh peels on couperose-affected areas. Enzyme peels provide a gentler alternative, such as the LAMARIN Flexible Cleansing Enzyme Peeling. It is particularly kind to the skin while effectively removing dead skin cells from pores. This step is essential to prevent added stress from impurities.