MED+ Anti-Stress

The MED+ Anti-Stress series has been developed to address the specific needs of stressed and irritated skin.

S.O.S. Cream

reduces redness, cares for scars


Rich Day Cream 

protective, anti-aging







Rich Night Cream 

regenerating, anti-aging








soothes, anti-aging




Relaxation from the North Sea:


What could be better than a trip to the sea to escape the stresses of everyday life? The sky is reflected in the mud, a gentle sea breeze caresses your cheeks, and all the stress recedes like the water at low tide. La mer, the manufacturer of marine cosmetics based in Cuxhaven, has captured this unparalleled experience in specialized skincare products designed to protect and nourish stressed skin with the rejuvenating power of the sea. The newly introduced MED+ Anti-Stress series offers a high-quality systemic care regimen with carefully selected marine active ingredients. The distinctive Marine Care Complex, comprising moisturizing Sea Silt Extract, soothing green algae extract, and mineral-rich sea salt, provides a coastal getaway sensation. The series includes four carefully coordinated anti-stress skincare aids that, enriched with other premium active components, shield the skin from the stressors of daily life. A noteworthy addition is the MED+ Anti-Stress Serum, which directly soothes irritated skin, imparting a soft complexion.


Protection Around the Clock:


Just as the alternation of high and low tides impacts the tidal flats, day and night are pivotal for the skin. Similar to mussels retreating into their damp abodes during dryness and sunlight, the skin requires special protection from detrimental environmental factors during the day. The Marine Care Complex found in the MED+ Anti-Stress Rich Day Cream delivers enduring moisture and safeguards the skin's barrier, particularly beneficial for irritated and sensitive skin exposed to external influences. Hydrolyzed algin further forms a protective film against harmful environmental stimuli, while brown algae extract reduces oxidative stress and stimulates collagen synthesis. This marine-based facial care, enriched with vitamin E and shea butter, combats stress, offers anti-aging benefits for sensitive skin, and provides robust protection in daily life. Nighttime calls for special skincare as well. Regeneration processes operate at full throttle, paralleling how every high tide replenishes the tidal flats with nourishment. Similarly, the skin should receive a supply of specific active ingredients as night replaces the day. The MED+ Anti-Stress Rich Night Cream not only shields and pampers the skin with precious Sea Silt Extract, algae extracts, and essential sea salt minerals but also regenerates and boasts an antioxidant effect with vitamins A and E. Upon waking, the complexion radiates newfound vitality, akin to the afterglow of a refreshing stroll through invigorating sea air.


Soothing Serum for Sensitive Skin:


Beyond facial application, the new MED+ Anti-Stress Serum, abundant in marine care concentration, extends benefits to the neck, décolleté, and other skin areas. Its delicate, rapidly absorbed formula features special brown algae extracts that shield against light-induced skin aging and enhance elasticity. Additionally, panthenol facilitates cell regeneration and skin rejuvenation.


When the Skin Sends SOS Signals:


Not "Save our Souls," but "Save our Skin" is the distress call to which La mer's skin experts respond with the MED+ Anti-Stress S.O.S. Cream. This cream, fortified with a protective Marine Care Complex and 5% panthenol, accelerates recovery from mechanical irritations such as abrasions or scratches. It is also suitable for scar care. Simultaneously, Asianosides promote collagen formation and restructuring, while SymCalmin reduces itching and redness. This cream acts swiftly to restore skin cells that may have encountered turbulence.