Med+ Anti-Stress


Relaxation from the North Sea: The new LAMARIN Med+ Anti-Stress series protects stressed skin


What could be better than a trip to the sea to escape the stress of everyday life? The sky is reflected in the mud, a gentle sea breeze caresses your cheeks - and all the stress recedes like the water at low tide. The Cuxhaven-based manufacturer of marine cosmetics La mer has captured this incomparable experience in special skin care products to protect and nourish stressed skin with the power of the sea. The new Med+ Anti-Stress series offers high-quality system care with selected marine active ingredients. The unique Marine Care Complex, consisting of moisturising sea silt extract, skin-soothing green algae extract and mineral-rich sea salt, ensures that you feel as if you are on a trip to the coast. The new series comprises four coordinated anti-stress care aids which - enriched with other high-quality active ingredients - protect the skin from the stress factors of everyday life. Absolute novelty: the Med+ Anti-Stress Serum, which soothes irritated, irritated skin directly and gives a soft complexion.


Protected skin around the clock


What the alternation of high and low tide is for the tidal flat, day and night are for the skin. Just as mussels shut themselves in their wet dwellings during dryness and sunshine, the skin needs special protection from harmful environmental influences during the day. The Marine Care Complex of the Med+ Anti-Stress Rich Day Cream provides lasting moisture and protects the skin's barrier, from which irritated and irritated skin benefits especially from external influences. Hydrolysed algin additionally forms a protective film against harmful environmental stimuli, while brown algae extract reduces oxidative stress and stimulates collagen synthesis. The result of the marine face care, which also contains vitamin E and shea butter, is stress reduction and anti-aging for sensitive skin and rich protection in everyday life. Our skin also needs special care at night. The regeneration processes are running at full speed and just as every flood provides the tidal flats with new nourishment, the skin should also be supplied with special active ingredients as soon as the night replaces the day. The Med+ Anti-Stress Rich Night Cream then not only protects and cares for the skin with valuable sea silt extract, algae extracts and essential sea salt minerals, but also regenerates and has an antioxidant effect with vitamins A and E. When you wake up, the complexion thus recovered radiates like after a refreshing walk through the soothing sea air.


Soothing serum for sensitive skin


Not only for the face, but also for the neck, décolleté and other skin areas, the new Med+ Anti-Stress Serum offers a high concentration of marine care, soothing irritations and making sensitive skin more resistant. As soothing additives, the delicate, fast-absorbing formula contains special brown algae extracts that protect against light-induced skin aging and improve elasticity. Additional panthenol promotes cell regeneration and regenerates the skin.


When the skin sends SOS signals


Not "Save our Souls", but "Save our Skin" is the distress signal to which the skin experts at La mer respond with the Med+ Anti-Stress S.O.S. Cream. If the skin has suffered mechanical irritation, such as abrasions or scratches, the cream with protective Marine Care Complex and 5% panthenol provides rapid recovery and is also suitable for the care of scars. At the same time Asianosides promote collagen formation and restructuring and SymCalmin reduces itching and redness. So that the skin cells can recover quickly if they have suffered "shipwreck" at one point.


All care products against redness, couperose or rosacea are dermatologically tested and free from parabens, PEGs and paraffins.



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