Sensitive Skin


Sensitive skin shows dryness, cracks, redness and premature wrinkles. With the right care it will regain its balance.


Redness, itching, burning: More and more people suffer from these characteristics of sensitive, dehydrated skin. The skin reacts to the slightest external irritation, becomes dry and cracked and can no longer fulfil its barrier function. As a consequence, the skin's natural moisturizing factors can no longer be maintained. The skin's protective barrier is weakened, the skin tends to redden and is hypersensitive. 30 to 50 percent of all women suffer from sensitive skin. Although women are statistically more frequently affected, about 30 percent of men also have the problem. The tricky thing about sensitive skin is not only the care, but also the reasons to track it down. Because not every redness or every feeling of tension is an indication. Why the skin reacts sensitively has not yet been clarified. The scientific community agrees that the main reason is related to the barrier function of the epidermis, in particular the uppermost layer of the skin, the horny layer. Therefore, potential irritants should also be avoided during therapy.


Care for sensitive skin


For sensitive skin, it is best to use the particularly skin-friendly LAMARIN Med products for each care step. To help sensitive skin, LAMARIN relies on the healing power of the sea and modern research. Thus, after intensive scientific work in the La mer laboratories, a unique care series was created: LAMARIN Med with the Marine Care Complex (MCC3™). MCC3™ is a highly effective care complex consisting of sea silt extract, an algae extract from the flat intestinal kelp (Enteromorpha Compressa) and sea salt. All LAMARIN products are dermatologically tested. A clinical study of the University of Magdeburg on Med sea salt cream, lipid cream and salt lotion has confirmed the high effectiveness.


Tip: Do not use cosmetics containing alcohol or waterproof mascara as these irritate the skin unnecessarily. And use a good, fat-free sunscreen, e.g. from La mer Sun Protection without perfume. If your sensitive skin already shows allergic reactions,  Med+ Anti Stress products help to calm it again.


All care products for sensitive skin are dermatologically tested and free of parabens, PEGs and paraffins.