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Your skin reacts with symptoms like itching, flaking, redness, or swelling. When it comes to proper skincare, it's essential to give your skin what it needs without burdening it with unnecessary and aggressive ingredients.

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Sensitive skin exhibits dryness, cracks, redness, and premature wrinkles. With proper care, it can regain its balance.

Redness, itching, burning—these are increasingly prevalent traits of sensitive, dehydrated skin. The skin reacts to even the slightest external irritation, becoming dry and cracked, unable to fulfill its protective barrier function. Consequently, the skin's natural moisturizing factors deteriorate. The protective barrier weakens, leading to heightened skin sensitivity and redness. Approximately 30 to 50 percent of all women experience sensitive skin. While women statistically encounter this more frequently, around 30 percent of men also face the issue. The challenge with sensitive skin isn't just in caring for it, but also in identifying the underlying causes. Not every instance of redness or tension implies sensitivity. The exact reasons for sensitive skin remain inconclusive. The scientific community concurs that the primary cause is linked to the barrier function of the epidermis, specifically the outermost layer known as the stratum corneum. Consequently, potential irritants should be avoided during therapy.


Sensitive skin care


For sensitive skin, the best approach is to employ the notably skin-friendly LAMARIN MEDproducts at every step of your skincare routine. To address sensitive skin, LAMARIN harnesses the healing prowess of the sea combined with modern research. After extensive scientific research in La mer laboratories, a unique skincare line emerged: LAMARIN Med, featuring the Marine Care Complex (MCC3™). MCC3™ is a highly effective care complex composed of sea silt extract, algae extract from flat intestinal kelp (Enteromorpha Compressa), and sea salt. All LAMARIN products undergo dermatological testing. A clinical study conducted by the University of Magdeburg on Med Sea Salt Cream, Lipid Cream, and Salt Lotion affirmed their high efficacy.


Tip: Avoid using cosmetics containing alcohol or waterproof mascara, as they needlessly irritate the skin. Opt for a quality, oil-free sunscreen, like La mer Sun Protection without perfume. If your sensitive skin exhibits allergic reactions, MED+ Anti Stress products can help soothe it.