La mer Cosmetics AG is a German public limited company; its main office is in Cuxhaven. The company is registered in the Commercial Register (Handelsregister) of the local court of Tostedt under the number HRB 110421. The sole member of the Board of Directors is Michael Bommers.


La mer Cosmetics AG

Hinrich-Wilhelm-Kopf-Straße 3

D-27478 Cuxhaven


Telephone: +49 (0) 4723 79 00 - 0

Fax: +49 (0) 4723 79 00 - 66





La mer Cosmetics AG, Cuxhaven, has been issued the VAT identification code DE 115170120 (in accordance with Article 22 (1) of the Sixth VAT Directive 77/388 issued by the EEC on 17/05/1977 to harmonize the system of value added tax in the member states of the European Community).


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