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As we age, the skin cells lose the ability to renew themselves. Changes are particularly noticeable under the eyes, on the forehead, and around the mouth and nose area, with fine lines and wrinkles becoming visible.

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With advancing years, the skin undergoes aging processes: elastic fibers, skin fat, and connective tissue within the middle skin layer contract—resulting in diminished skin elasticity and the development of lines and wrinkles.


Around the age of 25, general signs of skin aging begin to manifest—chiefly wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and mouth that deepen over time. Skin transforms over the years. As age increases, cell division slows, hindering upper skin layer renewal, while elastin and collagen fibers in connective tissue form at a slower rate. Sebaceous glands produce less fat, causing increased skin dryness and requiring more regeneration time. This also hampers the skin's capacity to retain moisture within the stratum corneum. Wrinkles emerge, especially around the eyes and mouth. Skin tightens more quickly, becoming more sensitive, thinner, and losing elasticity. This natural aging process is inevitable, yet there are strategies to delay it and minimize visible aging signs.


Tips to Combat Skin Aging


Evidence confirms that lifestyle greatly influences when and to what degree wrinkles form. Individuals can take substantial measures to prevent wrinkles:


- Shield against UV rays: Consistently employ sunscreens with high sun protection factors, like our Sun Gel 50+ Face

- Limit alcohol intake and avoid smoking

- Ensure sufficient sleep—ideally, around 8 hours per night

- Maintain a vitamin-rich, balanced diet

- Hydrate generously—this also benefits your skin

- Mitigate stress

- Regularly cleanse your skin and moisturize with hydrating cream, such as LAMARIN skincare products


Combat the signs of aging with LAMARIN's Anti Age Care, which nurtures, cares for, firms, revitalizes, and strengthens the skin's protective barrier. Different La mer care series offer options with primarily tightening, cell-activating, or volumizing effects. If uncertain about the right anti-aging care, consult your La mer skincare advisor.


Infuse tired and sagging skin with new freshness and elasticity via our Ultra Hydro Booster series


A youthful appearance, consistent with our beauty ideals, features smooth skin with high cheekbones, full cheeks, and a well-defined chin. Over time, these aspects alter. UV exposure, pollutants, indoor dryness, temperature extremes, late nights, stress, and unhealthy habits subject our skin to substantial stress daily. Unsurprisingly, this leaves traces, eventually leading to tired, pallid, and grey skin. The emergence of wrinkles, sunken cheeks, under-eye bags, and loss of facial contours indicate skin exhaustion. In addition to lines and wrinkles, the natural aging process is evident when skin cells lose volume. Skin slackens, the jawline blurs, facial contours become less distinct, and even earlobes may lose elasticity. The broader portion of the face appears lower in the visual field. Mouth corners droop, cheeks sag, and some faces display signs of fatigue or despondency.


Revive tired skin and prevent contour loss


If your skin tends to lose volume and contours, it necessitates moisture and particularly active ingredients that aid in their prolonged retention within skin cells. Employing focused measures can offer your tired skin an invigorating boost, restoring vitality, radiance, and even erasing years. The La mer Ultra Hydro Booster series, featuring the Osmofill active ingredient complex, addresses this precise need. Ultra Hydro Booster is an intensive moisturizer with anti-aging properties that promptly cushions and smoothens skin from within. Osmofill, a multi-active complex composed of valuable sea silt extract, Codium Tomentosum and snow algae extracts, effectively replenishes moisture reserves and extends the skin's longevity factors. Thus, the skin regains a youthful freshness.


Support your youthful radiance through a positive lifestyle: Exercise regularly in fresh air to stimulate circulation. Consume abundant fresh fruits and vegetables daily and maintain hydration with approximately 2 liters of water per day. Prioritize restful sleep and bolster nighttime skin regeneration with a night cream.