The sea is the origin of life in general and of beautiful natural skin in particular. Marine sediments contain millions of accumulated minerals and trace elements, which the tides wash back and forth over the years, causing them to compact.


René Quinton, a biologist active at the turn of the twentieth century, was able to demonstrate that seawater contains all the trace elements and minerals found in blood plasma. The human body is therefore particularly good at absorbing and metabolising it.


The presence of these marine substances in the sea is ten times greater than the concentrations found in fresh water. With all this in mind, the physiotherapist Paul Gojny developed a process in 1981 for extracting substances from sea silt – thereby setting up La mer.


La mer has been dedicated ever since to recovering marine sediment from an exclusive biotope off Cuxhaven, on Germany’s North Sea coast, for use in its personal-care range. La mer’s own onsite laboratory isolates, processes and refines these and other marine substances for use in select skincare products, to make the riches of the sea available to every woman who wishes to discover the secrets of natural beauty – and of how to preserve it.



"LAMARIN" is the international brand name of La mer Cosmetics AG

(www.la-mer.com). The formulation and effectiveness of the LAMARIN

products are identical with the La mer products.