Normal Skin






Normal skin is balanced, neither too oily nor too dry. It is characterized by an even skin tone and texture. To maintain this balance, skincare should focus on using gentle and mild products with few and gentle ingredients.

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Normal skin requires special care


Normal skin is characterized by fine pores, good blood supply, and a balanced oil-to-moisture ratio—neither too oily nor too dry. The complexion appears rosy and fresh, and the texture feels soft to velvety smooth. Because pore size and sebum production are in equilibrium, normal skin rarely exhibits blemishes. However, normal skin can also lose its equilibrium due to factors like hormonal changes, stress, extended nicotine or alcohol consumption, or excessive UV exposure. It can respond with dryness, sensations of tightness, irritation, or itching. Safeguard normal skin with gentle care products from LAMARIN that prevent dehydration and enhance the skin's natural protective function against daily stressors.