Med+ Anti Dry


With the power of the sea against very dry skin


It itches, scales, tightens, is reddened and cracked - almost a third of Germans know the symptoms and discomfort of dry skin. Many people find it difficult to find a suitable care product that is mild and moisturising enough to soothe stressed skin. From this, La mer, the North German company for exclusive marine cosmetics, has developed a system care for very dry, low lipid skin, which can also be used as an accompanying therapy for neurodermatitis and psoriasis: the Med+ Anti-Dry series. Each of the seven compatible care products contains the exclusive Marine Care Complex, consisting of skin-soothing extract of Enteromorpha compressa, mineral-rich sea salt and moisturising sea silt extract. Other valuable active ingredients such as sea mangold extract and glycyrrhizin complement the nourishing Marine Care Complex and provide very dry skin with the rich care it needs to become supple and smooth again.


Caring and regreasing already during cleaning


Sea Silt Extract, Algae extract from Enteromorpha compressa, Sea Salt, Sea mangold extract and glycyrrhizin are the active ingredient secrets of the new Med+ Anti-Dry Shampoo with . Calming and nourishing, it is ideal for daily hair care, gives the hair a beautiful, silky shine and makes it easier to comb. For extremely itchy, rough, dry areas on the scalp and body, La mer has developed an "intensive saver": The Med+ Anti-Dry Intensive Tonic with its non-greasy, light texture can be applied precisely to the affected areas thanks to its practical dispenser with applicator and soft-touch dosage, where it reduces itching and feelings of tension. The contained extract of deep-sea micro-organisms additionally reduces the sensitivity of the skin and strengthens it against external irritations.


Intensive care with the power of the sea


After cleansing, as is well known, care follows, and this is particularly important for dry skin, in order to intensively moisturize and soothe the skin. The Med+ Anti-Dry Salt Lotion with 2.5 percent sea salt has a particularly moisture-binding effect thanks to additional hydroxyethyl urea and simultaneously activates the skin's own functions. The moisturising care noticeably reduces itching and ensures that flaky skin areas quickly become smooth and supple again.


Salty immediate helpers for scaly skin


For extremely affected areas on the body and face, the remineralizing and keratolytic Med+ Anti-Dry Sea Salt Cream with 10 percent sea salt - unique on the market - provides beneficial relaxation. Med+ Anti-Dry Lipid Cream with its strong moisturising properties quickly reduces itching. With hydroxyethyl urea, glycyrrhizin and beeswax, it soothes chapped and rough skin as soon as it is applied and is also an ideal protection against the cold in winter.


Well-being relaxation simply apply cream


The comprehensive care portfolio is rounded off with the creamy Med+ Anti-Dry Soothing Mask, which immediately hydrates any irritated skin and reduces redness. The cream base, which is based on skin lipids, gently protects the skin while shea butter and hyaluronic acid help it to bind new moisture. The beauty: The cream mask does not need to be removed with water, but can be gently massaged in after the application time - so the valuable active ingredients can continue to work in the skin for a long time.


The LAMARIN Med+ Anti-Dry range is free from silicones, parabens, PEGs, paraffin, perfume and dyes.



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