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My skin –  and what it needs

Covering approximately 2 square meters, the skin is the body’s largest organ. It protects us against harsh or harmful environmental influences, regulates our body temperature, stores water, and plays a key role in several important metabolic functions, such as detoxification.


Every day, it is exposed to countless harmful factors: harsh sunlight and climates, environmental toxins, mechanical stress, and the natural aging process. When our skin is stressed and overtaxed, thrown out of balance due to mental or physical stress, or even if the wrong skincare products are applied, it can react by becoming irritated, red, and itchy.


Knowing what your skin type is and what its specific needs are at any given time is crucial. It allows you to respond and support it with the right skincare products. LAMARIN products harness the brand’s profound skincare expertise; they are exceptionally well-tolerated, and their marine active ingredient complexes were specially formulated for a range of different skin concerns, such as if your skin needs extra lipids or you want to combat the first signs of aging.