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The natural regulation of oil and moisture is imbalanced in dry skin. The skin feels rough and brittle, it tightens and itches. In some cases, cracks and eczema may occur.

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Dry skin lacks both fat and moisture


The appropriate daily skincare routine can regenerate the protective layer and optimize fat and moisture content. Harmful environmental factors, physical or psychological stress, increasingly manifest on the skin. Dry and sensitive skin is becoming more prevalent. In Germany, approximately three million people suffer from neurodermatitis, a condition where the skin's protective barrier function is chronically disrupted. The repercussions include intense itching, redness, weeping, flaky skin, and crust formation—primarily on hands, joints, face, neck, and upper chest, but potentially all over the body.


Therapeutic care for neurodermatitis


In cases of neurodermatitis, the skin tends to be dry and low in fat, with severe itching and inflammatory skin changes recurring. Various external triggers, such as pollen, dust, chemicals, food, climate, or stress, influence its course and characteristics. Successful treatment hinges on daily skin cleansing and moisturizing with products containing fat or moisture. This prevents skin from drying out and preserves its protective barrier. Our LAMARIN Med lipid cream is particularly oily and can be applied multiple times a day to affected areas as needed. Special creams are required for acute inflammatory episodes of neurodermatitis to alleviate distressing symptoms promptly. Our S.O.S. Repair Cream eases inflammation and encourages skin healing.


Therapy-associated care for psoriasis


Psoriasis is also a skin disorder with diverse, yet inconclusively explained, causes. Characteristic of psoriasis are elevated, sharply defined reddened skin patches covered by silvery, shiny scales—often found on knees, elbows, and the hairline. Research suggests that heredity is a prominent factor in psoriasis, as the condition is more frequent in families. Infections often contribute to symptom development. Bacteria, particularly streptococci, are common pathogens associated with guttate psoriasis. Psychological stress can exacerbate or even trigger psoriasis. In addition to specific medical treatments, skincare is paramount. It aims to smoothen the outer layer and diminish surface flakes, thus restoring the skin barrier. Our Med Moisturizing Lotion with Sea Silt Extract, Algae Extract from Enteromorpha Compressa, and Sea Salt provides intensive care with lasting hydration. The sensitive, dehydrated skin becomes soft and smooth again. Tip: Our Med products are also available in a convenient introductory set for trial.


Neurodermatitis and psoriasis necessitate evaluation and treatment by a specialist.


The mild, replenishing, and skin-soothing LAMARIN Med products: Med Sea Salt Cream, Med Lipid Cream, and Med Moisturizing Lotion, are recommended as therapy-associated care.