Dry Skin


A large proportion of the population has dry skin, and particularly children under the age 10, women between 20 and 50 and people older than 60. Although dry skin looks soft and has fine pores, it often feels rough. Dry skin is flaky and prone to premature wrinkles and lines; it is very sensitive to external factors.This is because dry skin produces very little sebum, leading to a deficiency in natural lipids which keep skin soft and supple and retain moisture. This oil deficiency also weakens the skin’s natural defence barrier, leaving it exposed to harmful pollution.In order to protect, nourish and moisturize it, dry skin needs intensive hydration with rich, soothing emollients and ingredients.


Our Recommendation:



Cleansing Milk

Facial Toner and Soothing Mask


Supreme Natural Lift 

Day, Night and Eye Cream


Ultra Hydro Booster

Multi Effect Cream Day

Multi Effect Cream Night