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Pimples, pustules, blackheads... Everyone who has impure skin or acne suffers from this skin condition. Impure skin or acne can be caused, for example, by hormonal changes or excessive sebum production.


Important in caring for oily skin are lightweight and regulating textures that are not too rich but still provide the skin with moisture. Here you will find the right skincare!

MED+ Anti-Spot


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The most important aspect for managing pimples and blemished skin is maintaining a consistent and regular skincare routine.

Blemished skin is typically identified by its slightly greasy, shiny appearance. Blackheads often appear on the face, as well as frequently on the neck, shoulders, chest, and back. In more severe cases, the skin becomes reddened and inflamed pimples and pustules develop.


What is oily skin?


Oily skin is characterized by large pores, shine, and occasional blemishes. The complexion appears firm and somewhat pale due to the faintly visible blood vessels. Due to excess sebum production, the skin's natural oils, the pores become enlarged and prominently visible. This excess oil leads to the formation of pimples and blackheads. Various factors contribute to the development of blemished skin and acne. Hormonal factors often cause an increase in sebum production and skin cell turnover. This combination can result in clogged pores, initially forming blackheads. Subsequently, inflammation occurs in the pores, leading to the emergence of pimples and, in some cases, acne, which is among the most common skin conditions worldwide. Between 75-95% of all adolescents experience acne symptoms during puberty, particularly on the face. However, factors like smoking, stress, poor diet, or cosmetic use can lead to skin blemishes at any age.


Blemished skin


Managing blemished skin and acne necessitates special care during skincare routines. Over-cleansing with aggressive cleansers can exacerbate acne. Thus, opt for gentle, fragrance-free skincare products from LAMARIN, avoid using oils and heavy makeup, and choose oil-free sunscreens like La mer Sun-Gel SPF 30.


MED+ Anti Spot is a skincare line tailored for blemished skin and acne. Utilizing the Marine Care Complex composed of Sea Silt Extract, green algae extract, sea salt, and additional ingredients suited for impure skin, these products exfoliate and regulate sebum production, leading to skin calming.


Note: "Physiological acne" typically involves combating blackheads and pimples for 1-2 years. Clinical acne, present in about 40% of cases, requires medical treatment as it can persist for up to 20 years. Consequently, La mer Cosmetics AG advises consulting a dermatologist if symptoms worsen or persist.