MED+ Anti-Spot

Effective System Care for Pimples, Blackheads, and Acne, Leading to a Smoother and Improved Complexion. Irrespective of age, attaining balanced skin necessitates a skincare routine that soothes the skin and regulates sebum production.

Regulating Fluid 

sebum-regulating & reduces pimple marks


Foaming Wash Cream

deep-cleansing & antibacterial



Peel-off Pimple Gel

against pimples & antibacterial



Naturally Clear Skin without Pimples


Instead of a healthy glow, a greasy sheen; inflamed pimples and dark blackheads instead of a soft pink complexion. It's not just teenagers who grapple with blemished skin and its unwelcome side effects during puberty. Adults are also more commonly affected than one might think. But, whether young or old, restoring the skin's balance requires care that doesn't overwhelm it with excessive treatment and an array of active ingredients. True to the "Less is Sea" motto, LAMARIN has introduced the Med+ Anti-Spot skincare series. This series combines the unique Marine Care Complex, comprising the exclusive Sea Silt Extract, a soothing and anti-inflammatory green algae extract, and mineral-rich sea salt, with other ingredients specially tailored for blemished skin. Sebum production is regulated, blackheads and pimples are reduced, and redness is alleviated - resulting in a smoother and improved skin texture.


Skincare for Pimples and Acne


Stress, improper skincare, or hormonal imbalances - the causes of blemished skin are diverse. The outcome: Excessive sebum production, clogged pores that can become inflamed when interacting with bacteria. The result? Unpleasant pimples and unsightly blackheads. Those dealing with blemished skin should refrain from overwhelming it with excessive treatment and an array of active ingredients. The five meticulously coordinated products in the new LAMARIN Med+ Anti-Spot system care series only incorporate what genuinely benefits blemished skin while omitting anything that could further burden the skin.


Systematic Skincare


To kickstart the daily beauty routine, the Med+ Anti-Spot Foaming Wash Cream is ideal. Its delicate foam gently and effectively cleanses the skin of makeup, dead skin cells, and excess sebum without causing dryness. Zinc sulfate and hydrolyzed algin deliver antibacterial and sebum-regulating effects. 


The sebum-regulating MED+ Anti-Spot Regulating Fluid is an excellent choice as a makeup base. The subtle formulation of Sea Silt Extract, soothing green algae extract from Enteromorpha Compressa, and mineral-rich sea salt moisturizes the skin effectively while concurrently exhibiting an anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to the keratolytic properties of glycolic and lactic acid, the formation of calluses is specifically hindered, blackheads are diminished, and pimple marks are softened - resulting in a fresher and smoother complexion.