Med+ Anti-Spot


Naturally clean skin without pimples


Greasy glow instead of healthy glow, inflamed pimples and dark blackheads instead of a soft pink complexion - not only teenagers have to fight with impure skin and its unpleasant side effects during puberty. Adults are also affected more often than one might think. But no matter whether young or old - in order for the skin to regain its balance, it needs care that doesn't over-care for the skin and treats it with too many active ingredients. True to the motto "Less is sea", LAMARIN has launched the Med+ Anti-Spot care series. It combines the special Marine Care Complex, consisting of the unique sea silt extract, a soothing and anti-inflammatory green algae extract and mineral-rich sea salt, with other ingredients especially for impure skin. Sebum production is regulated, blackheads and pimples are reduced and reddened skin is soothed - for a finer, improved skin texture.


Care for pimples and acne


Stress, wrong skin care or hormones - the causes for impure skin are manifold. The consequence: The skin produces too much sebum, the pores clog and can become inflamed in interaction with bacteria. The end result: unpleasant pimples and unsightly blackheads. Anyone suffering from impure skin should not over-care for their skin and treat it with too many active ingredients. The five perfectly coordinated products in the new LAMARIN Med+ Anti-Spot system care series only contain what really helps impure skin and do without anything that puts additional strain on the skin.


Skin care with system


The Med+ Anti-Spot foaming wash cream is ideal for starting the daily beauty routine. The delicate foam cleanses the skin gently and at the same time intensively of make-up, dead skin cells and excess sebum without drying out the skin. Zinc sulphate and hydrolysed algin have an antibacterial and sebum-regulating effect. After facial cleansing, the antibacterial formula of MED+ Anti-Spot Clarifying Tonics regulates the pH value of the skin and thus prevents the formation of new impurities and reduces pimples and blackheads.


The sebum-regulating Med+ Anti-Spot Regulating Fluid is perfectly suited as a make-up base. The delicate formulation of sea silt extract, soothing green algae extract of Enteromorpha Compressa and mineral-rich sea salt effectively moisturises the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect at the same time. Thanks to the keratolytic effect of glycolic and lactic acid, cornifications are specifically prevented, blackheads are reduced and pimple marks are softened - for a fresh and finer complexion.


First aid against pimples


Black Beauty - the additional activated vegetable carbon contained in Med+ Anti-Spot Black Peel-off Mask absorbs impurities and removes dead skin cells, skin impurities and excess sebum. After cleansing, apply a thin layer to the face, let it work for 20 minutes and pull off the dried mask from the outside towards the middle. The skin appears smoother and more supple.


The Med+ Anti-Spot care series is dermatologically tested. All products of the LAMARIN Med+ Anti-Spot series are free of silicones, parabens, PEGs, paraffin, perfume and dyes.



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