Ultra Booster

For ultimately nourished and youthfully firm skin! The high-quality premium products of the Ultra Booster line not only enhance the skin, but also fortify it against harmful external influences, internally plump it, and act as a soothing source of moisture.

Premium Effect Day SPF20

protects against screen light 


Premium Effect Night 

firming & regenerating


Premium Effect Serum

plumps & hydrates 


Premium Effect Pearls Eye

decongesting & smoothing



Premium Effect Mask 

reduces wrinkles & firms


Premium Effect Body Cream

tightening & enhances elasticity


Maximum Moisture Booster with Instant Effect for All Ages


Radiant and flawless skin – a myth? Not with La mer, because as an experienced marine cosmetics expert, we have been researching the ideal care formula for an even skin complexion with instant effect for years. We found our answer in the depths of the sea and have combined this marine treasure with additional precious ingredients in the new LAMARIN Ultra Booster Premium Effect line. Seven exclusive premium products from the line immerse the skin from head to toe in a complete and long-lasting care experience of a special kind.


Plump Your Skin with Deep Moisture


The exquisite marine active complex Osmofill+, which, along with carefully selected anti-aging ingredients, allows the skin to shine evenly and smoothly, forms the basis for all luxury products in the line.


Moisture Boost from the Sea


The high-quality premium products in the line not only enhance the skin, but also fortify it against harmful external influences, plump it from the inside, and provide a soothing source of moisture. And all of this is done sustainably. Packaged in elegant glass jars with a high-quality design, the new line, like all other LAMARIN products, avoids animal testing and is free from critical or concerning ingredients such as silicones, PEGs, parabens, paraffin, and microplastics.


The Ambition of Our New Premium Line


To give the skin unforgettable moments of luxury every day! Are you in search of care that instantly and visibly plumps the skin and sustainably provides moisture? Do you want your skin to radiate an even and smooth complexion? Then the Ultra Booster series is exactly what you need.