MED Basic Care

The MED skincare series consists of products designed for the essential care of sensitive and dry skin. The Marine Care Complex works to soothe and strengthen the skin.

Day Cream



Night Cream

calming & moisturizing



Hydrating facial care for every skin type:


LAMARIN MED Basic Care day cream and LAMARIN MED Basic Care night cream are the ideal care duo. The day cream is applied to the cleansed face every morning and provides the skin with sufficient moisture. The Night Cream regenerates and strengthens the skin texture overnight and, thanks to rich shea butter, gives a smooth skin feeling. The ideally coordinated creams are suitable for all skin types.


Soothing care for sensitive skin:


The skin itches, burns, becomes red, or flaky - sensitive skin reacts immediately to irritation and environmental influences such as cold, wind, or the wrong care products. With the new and well-tolerated care series, MED Basic Care, sensitive skin becomes soft, smooth, and supple again. The products in this basic care series have been specially developed for the basic care of sensitive skin and can be supplemented with suitable special care products from the MED+ series. The exclusive Marine Care Complex contains beneficial active ingredients: unique Sea Silt Extract from the North Sea tidelands provides lasting moisture and strengthens the skin's protective barrier, green algae extract has a particularly calming and anti-inflammatory effect, while sea salt containing minerals activate cell metabolism and revitalize the skin's functions. The result: the natural protective function is strengthened, feelings of tension are reduced, and sensitive skin regains its radiance.