Seacrets Beauty Elixir

The secret recipe for flawless skin: Our Seacrets Beauty Elixir, a deeply effective skin care product. It refreshes, provides long-lasting moisture and optimises the appearance of your skin.

Seacrets Beauty Elixir 



The power of nature in an exclusive combination


Rosy, fresh and velvety soft - these are the characteristics of a beautiful and healthy skin. La mer Cosmetics AG has developed a precious elixir with the beauty secret of the sea to restore and optimize them: The LAMARIN SEACRETS Beauty Elixir combines the unique Sea Silt Extract, which is extracted from the Wadden Sea of the North Sea and subsequently refined in our own laboratory, with energizing molecular oxygen in a maximum combination of active ingredients.


The high-quality Sea Silt Extract is rich in trace elements, sulphur, valuable minerals, vitamins, amino acids and sea salts containing calcium and magnesium and provides the skin with the elemental ingredients it needs for life. Combined with the mode of action of molecular oxygen, the elixir has fundamental regenerative properties that nourish the skin particularly deeply and give it an extra portion of moisture.


Deeply effective skin care


LAMARIN SEACRETS offers every skin type a relaxing little break by the sea, tailored to its individual needs. Selected Sea Silt Extract and molecular oxygen combine in a high-quality elixir that revitalises the skin and awakens its pure beauty. Thanks to its delicate, pleasant texture, SEACRETS can be used in many ways in the daily care routine: in the morning as a skin care after cleansing, as a regenerating cure in the evening or as a small care boost in between. Tip: In summer the light elixir can even replace the rich day and night care and provides the skin with lasting moisture under the sun protection product.


LAMARIN SEACRETS - Pampering moments for your skin


For optimal application, warm the elixir between the fingertips and apply hazelnut-sized spots to the eyes, face, neck and décolleté. Gently pat the elixir into the eye area with your ring finger and then massage into the cheeks, forehead and chin with both hands and gentle pressure. Finally, work the skin care on the neck and décolleté into the skin with tapping movements from bottom to top, thus activating the caring effect. For the perfect completion of the beauty ritual, place both hands on the neck and enjoy the secret of the sea for a moment.