Give your skin a fresh kick with our highly concentrated ampoules. Choose from a purifying formula designed to combat impurities, a rich and soothing treatment for stressed skin, or a booster for tired complexions.

Oxygen Ampoule

oxygen & hyaluronic acid

Good Night Ampoule

supports skin regeneration


Detox & Refine Ampoule



Sensitive Skin Ampoule

regenerating & nourishing


Unlock Radiance: The Power of Care Ampoules for Your Skin


Care ampoules are considered the most effective freshness boosters in skincare. What is the reason for this? These small, fragile bottles contain highly concentrated active ingredients that often exhibit an immediate effect on the skin shortly after application. That's why they are also used as a refreshing treatment for skin in need of special care. In smaller portions, these trendy skincare essentials can enhance the daily beauty routine. Compared to creams, they contain a significantly higher concentration of precious active ingredients, are quickly absorbed, and can impart a radiant glow to the skin within a few days.


From a clarifying formula designed to combat impurities, to rich, soothing care for stressed skin, and even a revitalizing freshness kick for tired complexions - the LAMARIN ampoule range offers the perfect option for every skin type, providing that extra dose of care.