First Perfection

The skincare line for skin starting from the age of 25 counteracts the initial signs of aging and effectively protects against the effects of blue light (screen light). 

Pure Glow Cream Day SPF20

protects against screen light 



Pure Glow Cream Night




Pure Glow Serum

smoothes the skin 


Pure Glow Cream Eye

reduces swelling & dark circles


First Perfection: LAMARIN's Skincare Line for Skin Starting from Age 25


Counters the initial signs of aging and effectively protects against the effects of Blue Light (screen light).


What strengthens me? What harms me?


Which skincare is best suited for my skin, and when should I start with anti-aging? These questions arise at the latest from the mid-twenties. Sun damage - that much is known - accelerates skin aging. But it's not just the sun alone that strains the skin: environmental influences, lack of sleep, diet, allergies - a person's overall health condition is reflected in the skin. Among the stress factors for young skin, digital Blue Light is definitely a factor that also affects cell health and, thus, the appearance of the skin.

La mer, the specialist for clean cosmetics with select ingredients from the Wadden Sea, has developed tailor-made care for these needs. The "First Perfection" line protects the skin intensely with marine ingredients like Marine Bamboo™, peptides, seawater, and La mer's exclusive Sea Silt Extract, regenerating and countering the first signs of skin aging. The products immediately create a good mood with their subtly powdery-floral scent and provide new energy - day and night cream are also available as fragrance-free options for particularly sensitive skin types.


Marine ingredients counteract the signs of Digital & First Aging


Blue light, also known as HEV light (High Energy Visible Light), is encountered daily through monitor use. This high-energy light is part of the visible light spectrum and is capable of penetrating deep into the skin layers. There, similar to UVA radiation, it leads to premature aging processes. Free radicals are produced, causing oxidative stress for skin cells and leading to the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers. The result: the skin loses elasticity and firmness, promoting the development of fine lines and pigment shifts.


To prevent this process, also known as Digital Aging, strong antioxidants are needed to protect cell functions. Here, marine ingredients provide highly effective effects: Marine Bamboo™ from organic Himanthalia elongata extract, also called Thongweed, grows deep on the seafloor where only blue light reaches - and has a unique defense system that works efficiently in skincare too. The ingredients Fucosterol and marine carotenoids counteract damages from blue light, UV radiation, and air pollution by restoring the quality of fibroblast contraction force. This also stimulates elastin production, inhibiting wrinkle formation and evening out the skin tone.


In addition, the La mer exclusive Sea Silt Extract moisturizes in all products of the line, strengthens the skin's protective barrier, and stimulates cellular metabolism. Peptides MATRIXYL®MORHOMICS® stimulate collagen and hyaluronic synthesis in the skin, and seawater from the West French Atlantic coast, "Earth Marine Water," revitalizes, acts antioxidative, and balances skin tone - for a fresh, even complexion.


Sustainability in Focus


Sustainability and responsible use of natural resources have been a focus for the owner-managed company La mer since its founding over forty years ago. In addition to the long-standing commitment to the UNESCO-protected Wadden Sea National Park, this is also evident in the products, all of which are developed and produced in La mer's own laboratory in Cuxhaven. The sustainable concept of "First Perfection" relies on recyclable packaging materials for the entire product range; the product jars of the scented day cream and fragrance-free night cream can also be refilled with refill capsules. The Marine Bamboo™ used in the products is also ECOCERT/COSMOS certified.