Lines / wrinkles


With increasing years, the skin also ages: the elastic fibres, the skin fat and the connective tissue in the middle skin layer shrink - the skin elasticity disappears and lines and wrinkles develop.


From around the age of 25, the general signs of skin ageing become noticeable on the skin - these include mainly wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and mouth, which deepen over time. Every skin changes over time. With increasing age, the cell division cycle slows down to renew the upper skin layer, and the elastin and collagen fibres in the connective tissue are also formed more slowly. The fat production of the sebaceous glands decreases, the skin becomes increasingly dry and needs more time for regeneration.This also impairs their ability to bind moisture in the horny layer. Wrinkles appear, e.g. around the eyes and on the mouth, the skin begins to tighten faster, it becomes more demanding and sensitive, thinner and loses elasticity. This natural aging process cannot be avoided. However, there is much that can be done to delay it and reduce the visible signs of aging.


Tips against skin aging


It has been proven that individual lifestyle has a great influence on when and to what extent wrinkles develop. You can therefore do a lot yourself to prevent wrinkles:


- protect themselves from UV rays: Always use sun creams with a high sun protection factor, such as our Sun Gel 50+ Face.


- Drink little to no alcohol and do not smoke.


- sleep sufficiently, at best 8 hours per night


- vitamin-rich and balanced eating


- drink a lot of water, you will also provide your skin with moisture


- Avoid stress


- Clean your skin regularly and moisturise it with a moisturising cream, for example with LAMARIN skin care products.


Counteract the signs of the times with Anti Age Care from LAMARIN, which nourishes, cares for, firms and revitalises the skin and thus also strengthens the skin's protective barrier. You have the choice between different La mer care series: with mainly tightening, cell activating or upholstering effect. If you are not sure which anti-age care is the right one for you, please contact your La mer skin consultant beforehand.


All care products against wrinkles and lines are dermatologically tested and free of parabens, PEGs and paraffins.